Paying by wire transfer:

The option of paying by wire transfer enables the payment through online banking, mobile banking, at the bank, at the post etc. By choosing this option when ordering products, you will receive information necessary for the payment to your e-mail address. The process of delivery starts when the payment is visible in our system.


Paying with PayPal and credit cards:

PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners (single payment).


Credit card authorisation and charging process is done by WSPay system for credit card authorisation and charge in real-time. Entering and transferring personal data and credit card data is protected with highest safety standards ensured by WSPAY system for online credit card authorisation, in accordance with the requirements of card issuers and brand, as well as PCI DSS standard. Pursuant to the requirements of the WSPay system, Preventa plus d.o.o. has no access to your credit card number at any time nor can they charge you for an amount larger that the ordered.