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Shopping on our web site is simple and intuitive. Shop for products by placing them in the bag. You can add or remove selected products from the bag later. After you are done choosing the products, proceed to checkout, enter the delivery information and choose the preferred payment method.


You can shop as a registered user or as a guest. As a registered user you have the following benefits:

-quicker ordering and billing process

-order status check

-overview of past orders

-change account information

-change password

-save additional shipping addresses


We accept the following payment methods:

-wire transfer

-credit card or PayPal


Upon completion of your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase.


The safety signs in our offer are from our own production, made in EU. They come in following versions:

-Label (weather resistant self-adhesive PVC film)

-Plastic (durable PVC material, 1.5 mm)


The following types of labels can be chosen depending on the type of foil:

-Standard (monomer film Poli-print, matte white, 100 microns, declaration of weather resistance of 4 years; application temperature > 10 oC)

-Reflecting (reflecting film 3M)

-Polymer (polymer film for curved surfaces)

-Extended service life (monomer film with declared weather resistance of 8 years)

-Magnetic (film MG-6160-WM, magnetic film 600 microns, adheres to metal surfaces, suitable for machines etc.)

-Photoluminescent (self-luminous film which is "charged" during the day, and glows in the dark - "Class C", visible throughout the whole night in complete darkness)


We guarantee the safety of purchase, quality and top service. Should you have any questions, doubts or if you need additional information, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]